Alright, the New Testament’s done and waiting for me to have some spare change to print a proof copy…then what?

The obvious next step is the Old Testament.

That’s something I know I can’t do alone.  But if I had some help to ease the project… well, I guess what I’d need is a sort of a translated polyglot, like, say, translate the Masoretic Text, translate the Septuagint, translate the Vulgate (actually for these there are public domain translations I can readily appropriate), translate the major Targums, translate the Peshitta, translate the Samaritan Pentateuch, translate those portions of scripture that have shown up at Qumran… editing the result of that into something coherent and unified wouldn’t be that difficult, I don’t think.  But getting there…that is not a job for one person. 😦

An example of a parallel edition somewhat of what I am trying to do is