I hear a lot of talk, “oh, we should honor the flag”, “we should say the pledge of allegiance to the flag”.

NO!  You should not say the pledge of allegiance, you should not salute a flag.  Saluting a flag is giving honor and worship to a strip of nylon, an artifice the work of man’s hands, which is due to God alone.  And allegiance is due to God alone.  The pledge of allegiance is an act of idolatry.  (This is still true if it is to the Christian flag; that flag is still not God.)  You are not to worship or pay homage to these things (Ex 20.5a), which are but a creation and not the Creator; they are but the work of human hands, they are not the living God.

I had some issues in high school because I refused to say the pledge.  I felt it was idolatrous then as well.  And it completely mystifies me that people so hung up on God, as many evangelicals are, would stoop to saluting before a flag, and pledging their allegiance to it, which belongs to God alone. I, the Lord your God, am mighty and jealous (Ex 20.5b).  Fear the Lord your God, and serve only him (Dt 6.13b).