When I first posted a draft of my translation on a private server, I figured my name would cause the translation to be seen as a vainglorious attempt at self-aggrandizement.  I did not place my full name on the text, though I did mark my name on it somewhat, feeling that not stating this fact would rouse people’s suspicions.

I wanted to be able to say yes, I had done the project, but I didn’t want to make it look like I had done it to make myself look better in the eyes of men.  I have relatives in the ministry.  I don’t want that affecting how my work is understood, and more importantly, I have not talked to any of my relatives in 20 years, since I’ve lived a couple hundred miles away from them ever since then.  I last visited my hometown in 1999 and was not long there.

I am not translating the New Testament out of any wish for fame, fortune or regard.  These are not the things a Christian should seek after.  I have desired a better understanding of the scriptures, and have gone as far back to the source as my limited knowledge allows me.  [W]hether you eat, whether you drink, whether you do anything (so says Paul) do all things in the glory of God. (1 Cor 10.31) This is all I have wished to do.